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Ludo Supreme Gold or simply Ludo Gold is one of the best ludo earning app app where you can win Paytm cash by playing ludo . The free version of the app was released on the Google Play Store on 22 April 2020. This app comes from the company that developed Zupee Gold . So there is no need to worry about the legitimacy of the app. JUMP TO Ludo Supreme Apk Download: Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code: How to Get ₹15 Bonus on Ludo Supreme Gold App How to Refer & Earn ₹20 Paytm Cash: Ludo Supreme Gold Game Rules: How to Withdraw Winnings From Ludo Gold: Ludo Supreme Gold Customer Care Number: Final Words: Click the link below to download the Ludo Supreme Gold Apk. Download Enter Ludo Gold Referral Code ( UMT9RIN ) to get extra Rs. 10 bonus on sign up. Also, you can share your Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code with your friends and earn ₹20. UMT9RIN App Name Ludo Supreme Gold Sign up Bonus ₹5 Referral Code Bonus ₹10 Referral Code UMT9RIN Payment Methods Paytm cash Minimum Payout ₹1 Verified No. But it is owned by the same company as Zupee . 1. Download the apk file and install it. 2. Open the app and login with Google. 3. Now you will see the Game Rules . Read the rules carefully and tap the > for the next rules. 4. Once you have read all the rules the Claim Bonus button will become clickable. Tap the button to claim ₹5 bonus cash. 5. Now tap the Profile icon. 6. Then below Redeem Referral Code enter the Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code:- UMT9RIN . 7. You will get ₹10 instantly. 1. Open the app and tap the Refer and Earn banner. 2. Share your Ludo Gold referral code with your friends and family. 3. You will earn ₹5 in winnings when they make their first deposit using WIN5 coupon code. 4. ₹5 more will be added to your wallet when they play 5 paid games and ₹10 on their next 5 paid games. 5. Your friends will get extra ₹10 when they redeem your code. Note: This new Refer and earn system ends on September, 30 2020 . Ludo Supreme Gold is a bit different from other ludo games that I

Phonics Monsters Rummy! Phonics Rummy is a game where students get points for making words from the phonics monster cards . Set up This game is similar to the card game Rummy except students have to get word sets to get points instead of three of kind or runs. All of the heads, bodies, and tails are mixed up and the students are dealt three (or six cards depending on the variation of game you want to play). The students keep their cards hidden from other players. The remaining cards are put in a pile face down. The first card is flipped up and placed into the discard pile. Note: the body cards are thinner than the tail and head cards so it does give the students some information about what card is coming next, but it doesn't really matter that much. Game Play The student who goes first (determined by rocks-scissors-paper) can choose a card from the deck or the last card in the discard pile. The student tries to make a word if he or she can. Even if the student can't make a word, they may wish to improve their hand by choosing the best three out of four cards. These would be the cards that give them the most possibilities. The student then discards one card and the player to the left has a turn. There are many, many possible variations for scoring winning and game play. The teacher will have to choose a suitable variation for his or her class.

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