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Baccarat is more or less played the same way in every casino. It features the same basic rules from Las Vegas to Macau. Much like any other casino game, though, baccarat does feature different variations. EZ Baccarat is one of the most notable variants. It might seem like just another baccarat game. However, EZ Baccarat actually gives you the best chance to win out of all the variations. The following guide discusses more about why this is the case. It also compares the EZ version to regular baccarat. What Is EZ Baccarat? EZ Baccarat works much the same as the general version described above. It does, however, feature a few differences from the regular game. Normally, the casino takes a 5% commission out of winning banker bets. EZ Baccarat, on the other hand, doesn’t collect the same commissions. Instead, it pays you an even 1:1 on winning banker wagers. Of course, the key reason why casinos require these commissions in the first place is to retain their edge. They’d lose serious money to players if they didn’t take commissions and left the other rules intact. Therefore, EZ Baccarat contains a special rule that’s not seen in other variations. You push when winning with a three-card seven. Here’s an example on when this is the case: You’re dealt 2-10-5 (7). The dealer holds J-3-3 (6). You push due to the winning three-card seven. The banker bet pays 1:1 on wins in all other situations. Again, though, the EZ version sees you push on a successful three-card seven. Lower House Edge In a normal baccarat game, the banker bet carries a 1.06% house edge . It features this low of a house advantage despite the aforementioned 5% commissions. EZ Baccarat gives you an even better opportunity to win. Thanks to the lack of commissions, its banker bet only carries a 1.02% house edge. The EZ version would even give you the advantage over the casino. However, the push on winning three-card sevens does just enough to counteract the absent commissions. Even still, you’ll enjoy a better

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